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Provider Service Representatives

Please call your Provider Services Representative for assistance or to get additional information
  (909) 465-1397 - PrimeCare Chino
Christina Serpico or Ericka Wilson
  (909) 466-8000 - PrimeCare of Citrus Valley
Yasmine Jabsheh
  (951) 371-8440 - PrimeCare of Corona
Yasmine Jabsheh
  (951) 461-0762 - PrimeCare of Hemet
Helene Lopez
  (909) 466-8000 - PrimeCare of Inland Valley
Tia Nguyen
  (909) 816-0457 - PrimeCare of Moreno Valley
Hazel Rojo, Sr. PSR
  (909) 798-7766 - PrimeCare of Redlands
Shauna Copeland
  (909) 816-0457 - PrimeCare of Riverside
Hazel Rojo, Sr. PSR
  (909) 792-5375 - PrimeCare San Bernardino
Shauna Copeland
  (951) 461-0762 - PrimeCare of Sun City
Candice Paragone - Helene Lopez
  (951) 461-0762 - PrimeCare of Temecula
Candice Paragon - Helene Lopez
  (909) 792-5375 - Coachella Valley Physicians
Roderic Hawkins
  (760)-770-8678 - Empire Physicians Medical Group
Cindy Banda - Jacqueline Garcia

  (619) 543-8800 - Mercy Physicians Medical Group
Monica Gerick – Lupita Molina
  (760) 542-6757 - Primary Care Associates Medical Group
Casey Visciglio
  (951) 704-1900 - Valley Physicians Network
Gladeen Peterson
Provider Services

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