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Have you obtained your National Provider Identifier (NPI) yet?
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has mandated that all electronic claims submissions be submitted with a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number.
The claims department for PrimeCare; Mercy Physicians Medical Group and Central Valley Medical Group will need to have your NPI number in order to submit claims on your behalf. All claim and encounter data submissions are sent via EDI to the health plans.
Here are some things to know
If there are providers that bill with their individual tax ID numbers, even if a part of your group, each provider will need their own NPI number. Both the individual provider and the group need to submit their NPI numbers.
NPI numbers will be added to your Provider Profile to ensure your claim submissions are not rejected upon submission.
If you would like additional information on the history and requirements of the Final Rule for NPI log onto: CMS - National Provider Identifier - Overview
How do I obtain (apply for) my NPI number?
You can Log onto the following website to apply:
CMS - National Provider Identifier - How to Apply
Once you have your NPI number, click here to find out how to proceed
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Attention:  The Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) was certified statewide use by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on April 2, 2018. Therefore, the mandate to consult CURES prior to prescribing, ordering, administering, or furnishing a Schedule ll-lV controlled substance becomes effective on October 2, 2018.
Visit for detailed information regarding CURES 2.0. Click here for more information.

  There is currently a shortage of Atenolol 100mg tablets. Alternative approaches include prescribing multiple tablets of lower strength Atenolol or other generic beta-blockers (ie: Metoprolol Tartrate).
  Temporary Placement of Cyclopropyl Fentanyl in Schedule 1.
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